It’s been a busy year in the Public History Intern Workshop. History students have continued to seek out varied intern experiences on and off campus. Their efforts, as these blogs attest, were complicated by COVID-19, as access to archival materials and sometimes even museums themselves evaporated. But they rose to the challenge and learned to use on-line resources to construct new histories for the Illinois Distributed Museum, local history museums in Champaign-Urbana and other Illinois cities, and even a local Refugee Center. In this set of blog-posts, we feature reflections on this experience from seniors who participated in the workshop in the Spring and Fall of 2020. (the workshop each participated in is indicated after the title). There are also seniors in the Spring 2021 workshop who are constructing their blog posts now. Look for those just after graduation! Then, we’ll also feature the blogs of those 2020-2021 interns who we will be fortunate enough to still see around for a year or two. Congratulations all on their work in, and insights into, the field of public history!

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